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Hello Apple experts


We have a small company environment with a few MAC machines for our designers and a few PC machines for our web production.


To share documents, we're using a MAC server running OS X 10.3.9 and open directory. (yeah it's old, but it still runs)


And well here's the challenge. We need to all be able to connect to this open directory, using whatever OS is on our machines.


This means we have 4 different MAC OS to deal with, and currently windows 7 and windows 8 (every windows XP and Vista has been upgraded and are now out of the picture).


The latest addition is a PC with windows 8, and since this is kinda new, Google has no clues about what to do to gain access


My own Windows 7 machine is part of the company local workgroup, and can log on using a simple logon method. But the windows 8 seems to require either a WINS domain or to log on using the computer name, which leads me to the question.


How can the Windows 8 machine log on to the MAC server open directory?


I can change both the Windows 8 machine setup and the MAC server setup, but if I change anything on the server, I could potentially ruin access for the rest of the machines (I'm really not that good with MAC). So now I come here for help


Kind Regards


MAC Server (company computer), Mac OS X (10.3.x)