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The book is landscape only.


I have a html widget container less than 1024 x 768 when it opens in its own screen the display is vertically and horizontally centred. My question is it possible to control the location of what the widget displays on the screen? or alternatively is is possible to slide what is displayed to another location on the screen?

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    I guess another way of asking the question is can you control where a widget smaller than 1024 x 768 appears on a full screen lets say left margin 10 top margin 10 widget 200 x 200

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    I have solved my own question:


    I resized my existing html page to be centred and 768 in height the user interface now appears within that container/page.


    I then created a new widget in Dashcode


    I then copied the html file to the Widget and renamed it main.html overwriting the existing main.html


    I then opened this widget in Dashcode


    Selected the plist and increased the width to 1024px and height to 768px


    saved it


    opened the book


    installed the widget etc etc


    Now when you now open the widget it appears top centre on the page leaving it clear of the keyboard.