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Yet again i find myself trawling the Internet to find the best solution to my quest.


I run my own business and share jobs with a select amount of people through iCal on our iphone's ipad's and Macbooks as do my associate's. Currently we use the generic event that is created in iCal but most of our information has to go into note's at the bottom of the event, which frankly is a pain in the ****. Why Apple with the million's of $$$ in cash they seem to have in the bank haven't given the billions of loyal customer's the freedom to create their own fully customisable event's is beyond me, anyway back to the propblem.


What if any is the best way to approach this problem and giving us a solution?


Do we use a third party software like Bento 4 or Filemaker Pro?


Do we use Applecript or Animator or Both?


we are not looking to set up a database, once every six months I backup my calandar to Excel and that is it.


Any suggestions would be appriciated. Many Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)