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Hey there,


I'm browsing the web using Safari 6.0.5 on a MacBook Pro 15" Retina running OS 10.8.4

From time to time Safari does NOT smooth downscaled images correctly.

The issues seems to occur randomly with no repeating pattern.


I already tried reseting Safari.

Whenever I close the browser the issue is resolved.

Reloading the webpage does not help.

Additionally all tabs are affected. Even if I open up new ones.


I attached pictures of the issue.

Have a look at the digonal lines and round corners.


Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-21 um 14.31.54.png

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-21 um 14.36.28.png

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-21 um 14.38.27.png

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-21 um 14.38.50.png

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Perhaps an extension or incompatible third party plugin  ...



    From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Extensions tab. Turn that off if there are any installed. Quit and relaunch Safari to test. If that helped, turn extensions back on then uninstall one a time to test.


    If it's not an extensions issue, try troubleshooting third party plug-ins.


    Back to Safari > Preferences. This time select the Security tab. Deselect:  Allow all other plug-ins. Quit and relaunch Safari to test.


    If that made a difference, instructions for troubleshooting plugins here.




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    Thanks but that wasn't the case.



    I luckely solved the problem anyway.

    The cause for this issue is the www.soundcloud.com site.

    I always had this site open in one tab whenever the problem occured.

    Close the tab and everything's back to normal.


    Very strange behaviour.

    Probably some HTML5 bug (new soundcloud is running purely on HTML5)

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    Now that's a great tip and thank you for taking the time to share