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I have purchased a few apps from my iphone (5, running latest updates).  WhenI sync my phone to my MBP.... the apps would normally transfer over.  Now they are not.  Please help.


If I search app store on my Mac, they say download (rather than give a price). 


How do I revert back to my apps downloading to my mac automatically?

Also, I these recently purchased apps are not giving me the update option on my Mac.


Please help.


Thank you!

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    Have you tried File > Devices > Transfer Purchases From ... iPhone while your iPhone 5 is plugged in to iTunes?

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    Yeah... that works, as does right clicking on phone and doing the same.




    1.  Do you back your phone up to icloud?? or to your computer?  I do icloud.


    2.  Have you downloaded any apps recently?  Free or paid.


    3.  Have you synced your iphone to your Mac/itunes after a recent app download FROM your phone?


    If so.... is that app you downloaded on your phone now showing up in your itunes on your Mac?????


    Mine no longer does does show up unless I hit transfer purchases.  I never had to hit transfer purchases before.



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    I actually have no idea why you listed those four questions and their answers above.  I don't know what if anything they have to do with your issue.


    Anyway, try looking in iTunes > Preferences > Store > Automatic Updates and make sure "Downloads" is checked and that the Apple ID shown is correct.

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    What I am saying is that for years.... I would download an app to my phone.  When I synced my phone to my mac... that app from my phone would be transfered to my mac automatically.  That no longer happens.  I now have to force the transfer by right clicking and selecting transfer purchases. 


    Not sure why this is happening all of a sudden.  I haven't changed anything in 4 years.  My updates are all up to date on my mac, including the new update to itunes I got today 11.0.5.


    I then did what you suggested and put the check marks in download automatically in music, books and apps.

    It did down load an app once after a test... I unchecked all those just because I was frustrated that I now had to check these when I never did before.  Then I rechecked them (so they are checked and hit ok) and now whatever I download on my phone is not populating/downloading in itunes.

    Driving me crazy.