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I have dropbox and I require my computer to upload files from my devices so i can backup.


When I plug any of my devices in they charge so its not the cords.


When I plug a devices in (Ipad or Iphone) should they appear in finder?


I can locate them in Iphotos to download the photos but this is time consuming as im double handling.


Dropbox is now also no longer automatically syncing photos from my phone (I have ask dropbox for support also)


It cant seem to find the devices when I plug them in... When i go into itunes I can sync to my phone but not from my phone... Which it has just filled my phone up with photos from my computer that I now can't delete of my phone at all I have posted this issue already..



I have just looked up lots of videos on utube on how to fix this but I can seem to find anything. I really want to delete the 1500 photos and videos of my phone but when i go into itunes my itunes looks different to the one on all utube videos...



Info in about my macs


Mac os x   (not sure what mac it is its big and its 2012 model)

version 10.7.5


I have also got a mac book air (same probelms)


I am trying to connect a iphone 4 & 4s and ipad 2 & 3


Ive updates my itunes and dropbox (on computer) today to see if this could be the issue and its not..


Please help or any suggestions are very appreciated

iPhone 4S
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    No, your iPhone and your iPad should not appear in the finder.


    I'm not sure what you mean about downloading photos with iPhoto being double handling, but you can download direct to a folder with Image Capture. Image Capture can also be used to delete photos from the Camera Roll on the iPhone or iPad (preferrably after they are downloaded).


    You can remove the photos you synced from your phone with iTunes by syncing again with an empty folder, That will delete all the photos that were previously synced that way, replacing them with the contents of the empty folder (that is, nothing). This will not effect photos takes with the camera on your iPhone.