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I know exactly what I want to do but not how to do it.


I want my calendar on my ipad mini to show me two weeks of the calendar at a time.  Right now I have it set to one month at a time but it means if I have more than four entries on a day they don't all fit in view.  I'd like to have each row be twice as tall, so more things fit.  I had it like this on my google calendar I've used for years before getting the ipad.


If that is not possible (i've run into the problem of not being able to make mac things work the way I want them to many times now) then I could just use the one week at a time view, but would like to choose which hours it displays (don't want hours before 7 am, for example) and I want to be able to choose the zoom, effectively, so all hours between say 7 am and 7 pm fit on screen at once. 


Thanks for your help!



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