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Hi, just wonder anyone can help. i lost my ipad few weeks ago (already reported to police in UK but they arent helpful), and when i logged in to my apple account, i found another person email added to my apple account (but has not been verified). what can i do to trace ? my ipad hasnt been registered with apple before i lost it, can i registered now (as i still have the package) and then supply the serial no. to apple so they can block that ipad??


i am based in london, but seems now the apple account based in USA.. very strange.


i am using iphone as well, so beforei lost the ipad, when i download apps, it download to both iphone and ipad.


i am not sure what i can do to make apple aware of the lost ipad, as i havent registered my ipad before i lost it. or can i registered now and report a lost??


appreciate any advice..



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    The only tracking feature Apple offers is the one tied to your iCloud account (https://www.apple.com/icloud/features/find-my-iphone.html).  If you did not have an iCloud account set up on the iPad, or did not have the "find my iPad" setting enabled under that account's settings, then you cannot track it remotely.


    There is nothing you can do but hope the police do something, or you find it yourself.  Apple does not get involved with lost or stolen property.


    see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2526


    However, I hope you IMMEDIATELY changed your AppleID password when you noticed the added email - the only way someone could do that is if they know both your AppleID primary email address AND your current password.