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My iphone 4s sound is not working

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    check the mute switch if its flipped down with red line that would be why. If not reset all settings it will not delete anything off  your phone. that doesn't work back up and restore as new phone. still doesn't work contact apple.

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    im haveing the same problem with my phone it goes off and on and i checked the mute switch the alarms work and ringer worker just not my sound for the apps so is anyone else having this issue and stuff and try locking it for a fewminutes that brings my sound back usually but what happens when that quit working how do i permanitly fix this problem also siri quit working on my phone and its less then a month old any help would be appreciated

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    check mute.  then

    reset all settings

    settings-general-reset-reset all settings

    now reconnect to wifi

    settings- wifi- click network name- enter password - join

    if issue persists back up and restore as new via iTunes

    Peace, Clyde

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    I have the same problem. I fixed it just by cleaning the charger plug. Remove tiny fibers using toothpick and voila sound is back!

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    Thanks Lixscorpion,

    I unplugged my charger & the sound worked - for 30secs - unfortunately that was all I got and it went away again - no wait, it's back again for now... Aaaaaahhh, it's so frustrating :(