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iMAC, brand new

3 TB Fusion HD

Windows 7 install disc (Windows 8 - blech!)


I've tried using the minimum partition.

I've tried divide equally.

I've rebooted and repaired disc (no errors).

I've read every thread in this discussion.


Please help.


The message I get, every time while partitioning, is this:


Your disc could not be partitioned

An error occurred while partitioning the disk


Is the Fusion HD the issue? And if it is, why are we all told in the store, "Oh, you can use Windows! Bootcamp comes already installed!" when it is such an issue to install Windows?


I purchased the Fusion drive specifically to have that processing power to run Windows and Mac.


I'd stick to only Mac, but work software requires Windows

iPhoto '11, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)