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I want to use the ExpressCard 34 slot, and add at least 100 - 300gb *Inside* my MacBook Pro side slot, not just another external drive.


My Aperture (Remote Master Only & preview purged) Library is 70gb.  I'm working a lot and it's going to keep growing, I'm out of disk space on my MacBook Pro.


I have to avoid a USB solution, the current daisy chain of drives already slows the import\backup process, and having to carry another device with the laptop puts the critical Aperture Library file at risk.


Has anyone seen an ExpressCard 34 big storage card?


much appreciated!


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Best I can find is a 128gb card as NewEgg but it ain't cheap!


    I know you wrote that you don;t want an external solution but if your flexible on that there are interfaces that would allow you to connect a drive. I even saw a USB 3.0 interface.


    Two Advanteges One, you can get more storage for less money and two, let's face it, at some point you're going to have to replace that system and to my knowledge Apple has stopped putting expresscard slots on the MBP's. Which means the card will no longer be useful. However if you get an interface and drive the drive at least will still be useable when you upgrade.



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    That is a great find.  Thank you Frank!


    The USB 3.0 adapter is a good idea too, I am going to have to upgrade, and as part of this space issue am evaluating my portable work flow.  Recent gear troubles traveing intrenationally got me worried about perferal devices and storage so I was hoping some option like this one could be possible.


    You've been a big help, much appreciated!



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    There are Thunderbolt to ExpressCard adaptors as it turns out. So when you do get around to upgrading the Mac the new one will have a Thunderbolt port so you could continue to use the ExpressCard storage device on the new system.


    Just something else to think about.