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I have a new set of stereo bluetooth headphones that will pair successfully with my colleague's MBP that is less than a year old using a stereo profile (A2DP I assume). But when I try to connect to mine, it WILL not connect in stereo and will only connect as crappy HSP or HFP. The only differences between our computers are as noted below:



My computer:



Bluetooth differences:

Firmware Version: v41 c821

Product ID: 0x821a

HCI Version: 4 (0x4)

HCI Revision: 821 (0x335)

LMP Version: 4 (0x4)

LMP Subversion: 16937 (0x4229)




His computer:



Bluetooth differences:

Firmware Version: v100 c5055

Product ID: 0x8286

HCI Version: 6 (0x6)

HCI Revision: 5055 (0x13bf)

LMP Version: 6 (0x6)

LMP Subversion: 8804 (0x2264)




I can find no documentation that says what Bluetooth services are available based on the MBP model or BT Firmware versions. Can anyone help me know before I go down a rabbit hole of trying to trouble-shoot this as to whether my earlier model MBP will even support A2DP profile?



Image 2013.08.22 14-28-39 .pngScreen Shot 2013-08-22 at 2.39.41 PM.png