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I am working on a personal documentary project using iMovie 11 on an iMac. I'd like to open my movie up with a short (less than 2:30) visual animation but short of hiring an animator to do so, what applications are out there to help me accomplish such an introduction to the movie? I don't have the technical skills to accomplish this myself so I'm just trying to explore my options.


I love how the first 1:30 of this documentary starts (nice blend of photos with visual animation):



If I choose to go down the path of hiring an animator, any suggestions on sites to post for this freelance job?

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    I would think you could do this with Apple's Motion app.


    If you decide to do it yourself, consider getting the video training offered by Mark Spencer at Ripple Training.


    There is a Motion discussion group at Apple Support Communities here.



    You might post your question there and ask if the regulars think this could be done in Motion and if they know where to find freelancers.

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    Thanks AppleMan. This is a good start. I'll post in Motion 5. I need to find some other examples of "animation" clips I like so that I can convey a better sense of what my needs are. Initially, I am not too interested in buying Motion, paying for a tutorial and learning how to use it b/c I don't think my long term needs justify doing so. Plus - it just seems like the scope of this effort (to do this documentary) keeps growing and growing. As it is, I'm the writer, director, producer, editor, content aggregator and filmer. Just trying to find a way to "outsource" some aspects of the film.


    [edit: plus, I'm only using iMovie 11 and not using Final Cut Pro FX to make this documentary.]

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    Creative Cow is another site where you might find some Pros using Motion and similar tools.

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    lowcountrygrits wrote:

    …  I need to find some other examples of "animation" clips I like so that I can convey a better sense of what my needs are.…


    your example shows 'pictures', but it is the same 'techniqué' as


    Kinetic Typography uses.


    And for sure, there are many tutorials for Motion 5 showing how simple it is, using Motions speciality 'behaviors'....



    … although, your example is no beginners task!