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I'm very disapointed with apple. I bought Logic Studio 8 after almost one year I bought Logic Studio 9 update. After that, I bought a brand new MacBook Pro that couldn't recognizes my original Logic Studio 8. So straight after I called Apple support here in my country (Brazil), and the guy there said he couldn't do nothing about it, and I should bought a new one to install my update. Then I tried to install Logic Studio 9 update instead Logic Studio 8, simple like that. It works.... yupieeee.... But the APPLE GUY here in Brazil couldn't give me support.

2013 Apple launches Logic X, a dream!!!

But it would be fair, ME, where only for softwares, has spent 1000 euros between Logic Studio 8 and 9 have to pay the same price for a guy who never invested in any of these softwares have to pay the same US$ 199.99?





That's my question for you Apple...

Logic Pro X
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    It seems that you did not notice the nature of this forum?! We are not apple employees, but Logic users who support each other when needed, to solve audio productions issues involving Logic app. Therefore, spilling your guts in frustration about apples behavior towards their clients will not yield any effect over here, I can assure you.

    And for the record: I do understand and sympathize with your point of view!



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    Consider the $199.00 the upgrade price. Have you compaired Logic's price to an Avid upgrade price.

    Logic Pro X is quite the bargin upgrade price or not.