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I have a Airport Time Capsul 2013. wireless network does not extended. All updates ok. Please help me..

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,079 points)

    We need more information here, please.


    We know that you have a Time Capsule, but your post did not tell us what other router you have. We need the make and model number of that product.


    Are you planning to "extend" by connecting the Time Capsule to your other router using a permanent wired Ethernet connection.....or......are you planning to extend the network wirelessly?


    Which device is your "main" router?  The Time Capsule or the other router?

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    I have a fiber cable modem. My modem is my bedroom and I enabled wireless network.

    I want to put the airporttime capsule lounge. I am planing extend network wirelessly..

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,079 points)

    Apple's "extend a wireless network" feature appears to be proprietary to Apple.....and as far as we know....will only work when the Time Capsule connects wirelessly to another Apple wireless router.


    So, it would be extremely unlikely that that the Time Capsule could extend the signal from your cable/modem wirelessly.


    Instead, to allow the Time Capsule to extend the wireless signal coverage, you will need to establish a permanent wired Ethernet cable connection from your modem/router to the Time Capsule. 


    Then, configure the Time Capsule to "create" a wireless network using the same wireless network name, same security settings and same password as your modem/router network.


    As a final step insure that the Time Capsule is configured to operate in Bridge Mode to work correctly on the network.

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    Thank you for help..