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matt parsons Level 1 (0 points)
My computer has worked almost flawlessly since about October or November, but since today, every time I went to certain websites (for example, Myspace, Photobucket, Xanga, Facebook...) it shuts down after I log into my accounts.

I don't remember downloading anything that could have caused this problem, but does anyone have any idea as to how I can fix this problem?

And this problem isn't exclusive to just Safari. Firefox and Internet Explorer also shut down immediately after my personal account loads... I've tried on each browser many different times, and each time was all the same. I reported the problem about twice, I think.

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  • Quick Level 3 (520 points)
    I have had the same exact problems since the last security update. The only reslove I found is an archive and install. I did all the updates except Security Update 2006-003. Make sure to run permissions repair before and after you do the updates if you decide to give it a try. Also check all of your system folders outside of your user prior to doing an archive and install for stuff you may want to keep. Screen Savers, music files, pictures, ect. You will have a "Previous Systems folder" after the install that you can retrieve things from if you miss something. Be sure to go through it, then delete it. It will be a huge file. 2GB, maybe larger. I still have issues with Safari. Can't send any attachments, cannot upload anything. But it does not just crash anymore. This has made me a FireFox user. I was Safari all the way until now. All my other browsers work fine. I have them all. Nothing worked prior to doing the archive/install. I have asked several times in this forum and have got nothing. I hope this works for you. Holler back if you need any help.

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    For what it's worth, and also to register that there are others besides you guys:

    I also have this problem - in Safari, Firefox, and I just tonight tried downloading Opera and it started shutting itself down pretty much immediately... Mine seems to happen most often when I have Yahoo Mail Beta open in a tab (on Firefox), but it happens at other, random sites as well.

    The past couple of days it seems to be progressing to freezing up the entire desktop. I suppose this could be unrelated, but it is at least coincidental.
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    I've had random safari shut downs (about twice a week/daily user) that I thought might have to do with internet wireless or something, until the past two days.

    Now it shuts down everytime i try to load a picture onto my blog and asks if I want to submit crash report. I have tried pics that loaded successfully before, reset safari, republished blog etc.

    I know this doesn't help you much, but maybe someone else will recognize same problem.
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    Softylocks ~ & Erin


    Does your Safari crash in a different user account?

    If you have not tried that yet, try it. It is a helpful tool in troubleshooting

    Let use know the results in your Own topic post please.
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    Hello Matt,

    These are all sites that do not crash my 10.3.9 if this is what you mean by shuts down.

    but does anyone have any idea as to how I can fix this problem?

    More then likely, yes someone must be able to help.

    Please create a new account if you do not have one, log in there and try the sites you have a problem with.
    Then we can decipher if this is a systemic issue or username
    account specific. If you do not have an other test account.

    Go to System Preferences-> Accounts->Login Options use the plus[+]
    to create one, the [-] to remove the account if you so desire later.
    For easy you can call it Test, pwsd & all. Log out of your account & into the test account.

    Let us know the result please.