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Is there any way for i-tunes to convert a musical file  created on my digital piano to something that will be supported by my i-pod? It wouldn't sync my recorded songs from the computer

iPod touch, Windows 7
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    It depends upon the format. iTunes will automatically convert some formats to ACC which is Apple's preferred format and compatible with the iPod. Otherwise you wil lhave to use a third-party program to convert them.

    Do they play in iTunes on the computer?

    What is the format?

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    Thanks for your reply...My recordings do play on the computer with i-tunes...and I can burn them to a CD. i-tunes uses an extra step (preparing the song), that it doesn't use with my other files, before burning them. (I think they are midi sequence files) Do you know any third party program that I coulduse? Thanks

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    Hi again...your info was very helpful...I tried right clicking on my song, and i-tunes did have an option to convert to aiff file, so I did this, and this version was able to sync to i-pod...another thing I tried (first) was to make the CD, copy the songs from the CD back into i-tunes, and re-sync...this worked too.

    Thanks again!