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iPad mini died after only five months.

Eventually, Apple sent me a replacement.

Now, using safari, tried to save a page I was reading.

Still very clumsy with iPad and never sure which symbols do what.

Pressed, or pressed and held, the book icon,

Got a long list of bookmarks, or reading list items.

Trying to get rid of long list of "reading list?" Bookmarks.

Searching for why they are there and how to delete them....

Got as far as reading need to swipe each to see a delete option.

Started doing that but I get message saying its busy synching bookmarks.


I have tried searching for an answer but all I keep getting are troubleshooting tips for dealing with problems if its not syncing.

I don't know why it is in the first place, then how to make it stop.


While I'm at it, just tried to underline the words "are" and "is" but selecting only gives me options to cut, copy, paste, suggest or define?

Help please.


**just about to post but Choose a Community stumps me because the only options are all iCloud.

I began this searching for iPad issue.

I'm going to take a best guess.

iPad, iOS 6.1.2, it's an iPad mini
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    If you don't want to sync bookmarks with iCloud, go to Settings>iCloud and turn Safari to Off.


    You create a bookmark on the reading list by tapping the actions button (arrow inside a square) at the bottom of Safari, then tapping Add to Reading List.


    Not all apps support underlining.  You can do this in mail.  Tap a word in an email you are creating, choose Select, then tap the right arrow (to the right of Suggest), tap BIU, then tap Underline.

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    Thank you for taking the time to read and explain.

    I did eventually get to the turning Safari off --- though I  read elsewhere to then turn it back on.

    Aside from that, your help on the underlining issue was very useful.


    This, along with the many other simple text formatting features I've been used to with even the basic TextEdit app on my various Macs, has and still is causing me so much wasted time. What used to be productivity has turned into relentless problem solving.


    *not to take to much more advantage of your good will but...know of a comparable App for iPad like TextEdit? I can't find a way to "sync" or utilize Files I've created in TextEdit, on this iPad.

    I've been trying out many but it's overwhelming in the range of choices.


    In any case, thanks

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    You're welcome.  I'm not sure I can be of much help with a text edit app as I haven't really looked into it.  I know Evernote is a popular and highly rated app that will create and sync notes across your devices and is much more robust than the iOS notes app, but it also may be more than you're looking for.