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i need to know how to get my downloads from www.audible.com into my i-tunes? i was told that these two or compatible but i can not figure out how to start the process of getting these purchase to my ipod/itunes! please help!

dell inspiron 6000, Windows XP
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    Does this help?

    You should be able to add them to iTunes by going to file-->add to library or by dragging them into iTunes when iTunes is open and you are viewing the library.

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    For Windows users, there is a download plug-in that Audible supplies in their software center at this location Get and install the software labeled Audible DownloadMangager for iPod & iTunes. With this in place all your Audible downloads should install directly into iTunes. I'd check that your first downloaded file plays under iTunes to make sure that your authorization has taken effect before transferring Audible files over to your iPod.

    Note that you SHOULD NOT INSTALL the Audible Manager software for use with your iPod. That software is for Windows support of non-iPod players working indepedently of iTunes, and will support DRM authentication for your device. (Content downloaded that way will not play under iTunes or on your iPod). Just use the Audible iTunes plug-in. And Mac users do not need to download any additional software to play Audible content on iPods.

    See this at the iLounge Books and Spoken Word Forum for pointers on Audible formats and how to use enhanced features like chapter markers under iTunes and on your iPod.