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Hi there everybody!


As Already stated, since I updated my iTunes 11 to version 11.0.5 it started freezing my entire Computer.

Having a look to the Actitiy Monitor, which I have running all the time, I saw that iTunes was consumming all availble RAM (9,5GB). Normal should be around 200MB.


This resulted in freezing of all applications until the 'force quit' menu popped up with a warning and right after that my Mac was completely blocked, I could just move the mouse.


After restarting the Computer, I tried it again and after some time iTunes result again in overloading...

I tried to turn of iTunes Match for now as the update fixed an issue with iTunes in the Cloud, I also turned of simultanious downloads and unsubscribed from all my podcasts. Does anybody else have another idea?


thank you and

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Mac Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 2x 2.26GHz Quad-Core - 12GB DDR3 RAM
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    Since I turned iTunes Match off, the problem seems to have disappeared...

    Now I restarted iTunes Match and it didn't even take 5 minutes for iTunes to go bananas again.


    The latest update didn't fix things...

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    I have now done something more drastic.


    - First I turned of all synchronisations, turned iTunes Match of, de-authorized my computer, etc...


    - Then closed itunes and used an application called 'App Cleaner' to uninstall iTunes from my system (you have to select it manually in the Applications tab, drag and drop won't work).


    - I downloaded iTunes for Mac (latest version) and re-installed


    - After a restart of the system I logged back in to everything and re-synched all my devices.


    Until now the problem has disappeared...