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Hi, I'm not really sure how bootcamp works...


A few years ago I switched over to Mac and have really enjoyed using my mac, but the problem is, a lot of the video games I used to play with my little brother I cant download on my mac like I could on my old pc. if i got bootcamp, and it was the correct one and everything, would I be able to use all of these windows games/ programs that I can't use right now?


For example, i cannot download a game call s4 league on mac because they only have a windows version. if i use bootcamp, will that mean i will be able to download it?


Thanks sooo much!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    it's not an emulation or a special mac window it's real normal windows which does not even know it's not running on a build for windows computer as the cpu and gpu are the same

    everything run normal

    windows games run like on a computer made for windows with the same cpu and gpu

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    Boot Camp Assistant you have, it is in Utilities.


    Windows you have to buy.


    Depending in your MBP as to graphics capability but those can't be changed. Adding RAM and new hard drive in earlier models like yours probably can be upgraded. But not processor or gpu.


    Boot Camp is a partitioning tool and set of drivers. Period.