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In Keynote, there's the option of auto-shrinking your text either via clicking the little blue box with a white cross that appears in the text box itself, or by clicking on the auto-shrink option in the toolbar above the current slide. However, I've noticed that this doesn't change the absolute size of the text. For example, I can auto-shrink 84 pt font down to what looks like 16 pt font, but the text box still says that the font is 84 pt. Is there anyway to access information about the text's absolute size? Otherwise, there's no way to compare text size from one slide to another as soon as you change the size of your text box.

Keynote, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Open the Fonts Window;   Format Font > Font > Show Fonts (command T)

    The size is shown in the cell top right hand under:  size

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    Nope--much like the font indicator in the main toolbar, that font size is inaccurate and normalized to within the text box. I'm looking for an absolute font size across the entire presentation. Try this out: create a bullet box (via Masters slide dropdown menu) with text size set to, say, 36. Select the auto-shrink option, and then fill the box with text. Then, keep filling with text. You'll notice that the text size decreases because Keynote is auto-shrinking, but if you check the text size via Format > Font, the text size will still be reported as 36, even though it obviously appears to be smaller than its initial size.


    Perhaps this is an issue with only Masters slide bullets. I notice that there does not exist the ption to auto-shrink a text box if you create one.