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I'm having several issues with Logic X

  1. In changing some audio preferences (in an attempt to reduce headphone latency - recording guitar), Logic X no longer recognizes my USB Audio Interface
    • Exit Logic X  & re-enter, still does not recognize the interface
    • Restart - goes to gray screen & then hangs - have to hard boot
    • This has been the only way I can get Logic X working again
  2. General bugginess
    • Sometimes I start getting low volume static artifacts when playing back a soundtrack
      • When this happens I'm in big trouble
        • Logic will not exit (as seen from Activity Monitor)
        • Sometime cannot force quit
        • Reboot is the only fix
    • In a project upgraded from Logic Pro, Logic X frequently crashes (usually at the same location)
  3. In all instances, I've sent the report to Apple when prompted (sometimes I'm not given the option)


Anyone else experiencing similar difficulties?

Any suggestions?

Logic Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 8GB Ram