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I actually have iphone 4s and am planing to buy iphone 5. I have lots of applications and games want to keep and transer them to my new iphone. I know how to backup and resotre apps to and from iTunes which is in my computer. what i am aware of is:


1- does my pins in GPS nav2 will transfer when i will resotre it? or am i going to loose all thos saved data in it?

2- am i going to have my notes and calender reminders back again? and how to do so?

3- there are certain apps like iPhoto tha ti can't see in iTunes in my computer! That means when i will buy and connect my new iphone to my ituens, i won't be able to get it back! is there any way? or i need to purchase it again?!


Thank you

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2