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So, I accidentally erased all my music files which were stored on an external hard drive. (Bone headed move, don't ask). Thankfully, all the files were backed up. I restored the external hard drive with all the music files but am not sure what the next move is. Couple of questions:


First, the iTunes application still has all my songs listed. Of course, when I click one, it says it cannot locate the file since, of course, the original file was accidentally deleted. If I simply re-import all the files from my backup harddrive will I have essentially duplicates of every song I have? That is to say 1 file that won't play and one file that will?


Second, should I erase the entire songlist from iTunes and then re-import?


Third, any other suggestions?


I backed everything up on TimeMachine.





Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)