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I lost my Recovery Key for two-step verification.

How to reset?

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • norm123 Community Specialists

    Hello swnathapon


    Check out the article below to get you sorted out to get a new recovery key.


    Apple ID: Can't sign in with two-step verification



    What if I lose my Recovery Key?

    You can replace your Recovery Key any time by visiting My Apple ID:

    1. Select "Manage your Apple ID" and sign in with your password and trusted device.
    2. Select "Password and Security."
    3. Under Recovery Key, select Replace Lost Key.


    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.



    -Norm G.

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    i can't into apple id because it have put verify my identity

    Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 11.23.35 PM.png

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    if you have 2 of the following items you should be able to login to the apple id website:


    • Your Apple ID password
    • Access to one of your trusted devices
    • Your Recovery Key


    if you don't have at least 2 of these items then you are locked out of the apple id account unitl you do as there is no way around the 2 step verification by apple or anyone other then mentioned in this article.


    good luck with getting it resolved!

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    Just for the record.  I do have my Apple ID password and a trusted device, lost my recovery key.


    However I dont get any verification code into my trusted device.   Called Apple help line thet said:  Thats weird, you do have an active registered iphone but you don't get the codes.   Sorry we can't really do anything about it.


    Basically I'm locked out my Apple account in which I have 1500 + purchased songs plus Mac OS updates, etc.


    Conclusion:   Big fail, they seem to have released this feature just to say the "have tight access security options" however nodoby actually did the correct trial to see what could go wrong, even worse the only thing that can be fixed that I know is death, they should allow me for instance perhaps prove credit card ownership, etc and let me recover my account (specially since their system failed).



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    I found out that Find My iPhone feature is turned off on my trusted device.


    Go to Settings>iCloud on iOS to enable it if it's not.

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    I have also lost my recovery key for apple two step verification. However, I AM able to send a verification code to a trusted device. Here is the problem - when I type in the verification code received it doesn't accept it. It surely looks as if I'm locked out. Any suggestions?



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    I have exactly the same problem. the recovery key that I have received is not recognised and I have no way, despite the info on the support section, to send a new recovery key to any of my trusted devices...

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    andremjo, paotr that is just wrong...   I can't believe Apple won't even offer any serious support for this issue.


    Again, it seems they just included this security step in order to complain with whatever international standard, however the system is actually more dangerous for users as it is for hackers...


    Sadly I think our only hope is that many more people gets the same issue so that Apple will start paying attention.  As of today I have sent 3 complaint emails and have 2 open tickets.   I encourage you all to do the same, eventually someone will escalate a report and Apple might do something about this disastrous deployment.


    Good luck all!

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    Have you guys resolved this? Nobody from apple is responding to me as well