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Lately when I import photos into Aperture 3, from my SD card, all the images show up in a project but they are all black. If I view them individually, there is about a three second pause, then the photo shows up. After that the image stays as it should be. However, I have to do this for each photo, which is a drag when I am importing hundreds of photos. I've done a repair library and that didn't work.


I've only been working with Aperture since Feb. It started doing this about two months ago.


Thanks for your help!


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Am having the exact same issue. Have been using Aperture for years, but never experieced this bit of strangeness till a few days ago.


    Selecting "Generate Thumbnails" under the Photos Menu seems to be a one-click alternative to viewing -- and then waiting -- for each image one at a time, but can anyone suggest why this very odd and always disconcerting behavior is happening at all?


    John B


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    Thanks John, that is definitely helpful!

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    does your camera create and embed high-resolution previews? Aperture will initially use embedded camera previews on import, if you have set Aperture use them in the Aperture preferences, but only if they have a high resolution, as explained in this document: Aperture does not use embedded previews from some cameras

    (right now the link is not working - Apple's support site seems to be down)


    How are your Preview settings? Perhaps the embedded previews that your camera generates are too small?