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Been working in Logic X for a few days and noticed something different from Logic 9 in the piano roll.  In LP9, when I've recorded a midi region, opened in piano roll, chosen a quantize setting (say "1/16 Swing E"), that setting will remain when I open other regions for editing.  It's easy to keep a consistent rhythm throughout the song that way. 



Now in LPX, quantize reverts back to 1/16 every time I open a new region and I have to remember to change it back to 1/16 Swing E every single time!  It's an extra step I have to do and very annoying once you realized you forgot to change it somewhere down the line.  Am I missing something?  Is there a way make this behaviour "stay" as in LP9?

Logic Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Hi redmusichouse,


    Welcome to the Support Communities!


    The article below may be able to help you with this issue.

    Click on the link to see more details and screenshots.


    Logic Pro X Help: Quantize parameter values



    Logic Pro X Help: Advanced quantization parameters





    - Judy

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    Hi Judy,


    Thanks for the reply.  However, those settings you listed affect incoming notes.  I don't want this as I may play with appoggiaturas, flams, etc., and don't want everything to be quantized as they're recorded.  I like to quantize afterwards during editing.


    The problem I'm having is with the quantize settings within piano roll.  In Logic 9, when I open a midi region in piano roll, choose swing quantize, it will remain as swing quantize if I open another region.  That way, I don't have to keep choosing swing each time I edit another region. 


    In LPX, it keeps jumping back to 1/16 each time I go to edit a new region!  Is this a bug?  Any way to make it stay, coz it's a real hassle!





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    Hi redmusichouse,

    Been having the same problem- I quantize the same way afterwards within the roll and you're right, this does really slow the process down. A few times I've even forgotten that it's quantizing back to 16ths and start fixing note timings in the piano roll before realizing it just wasn't set to what I'd wanted. If you happen to get any answers to this please let me know!



    P.S. This is off the subject but can't hurt to ask another LPX user.. I'm also looking for a way to customize the colors as we could with LP9 without acutually having to edit the plist file.. It's actually a pretty big deal to me as I'm color blind and the new color scheme they've chosen especially against the black background is a problem. If you happen to hear anything....


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    Logic 10.0.5 update just released and it seems to have fixed the quantize problem!  Thank you Apple for listening! 

    Also, Scott, the velocity colours make more sense now.  No longer the strange orange & greens.  Back to good old red for 127 and blue for 1.  Plus you can choose a light background in piano roll. 

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    unfortunately, the problem remained and in 10.0.5