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iphone 4 - dropped and screen is cracked -cannot see anything. Tried to turn-off and reset, but no luck. Laptop never synced this phone to my laptop. I cant unlock phone in order to back it up to my laptop.

suggestions appreciated!


iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    Suggestions for what?  It's broken.  You were very foolish for not ever backing it up.  You cannot, now that it's broken.


    Bring your phone to Apple for replacement for $149.

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    Relying solely upon Socratic theorum, and rhetoric... You; Mr. gdnacguy have offered greater enlightenment for the both of us! The goal has been achieved...

    At the completion of my response, you will have learned a great deal about how, and when to apply rhetoric to a question posed in your Level 6 response abilities...


    Responding to a question merits a genuine answer -either you have one that is valid or you do not. In this case, Your first three sentences ---  I encourage retraction based upon shallowness and implying judgement.

    4th sentence - is interesting because the statement "you cannot, now that its broken" offers the thread reader yet another example of a flawed approach to offering suggestion because to this point in your response, no suggestion had been provided. To comment using a passive prose style -(past tense) rather than engaging in an active tense also suggests to me, -as well as reader, that you are consistently content with your assumptions, as well as your final-judgement regardless whether you have enough information or not based on any given situation I could go back and read your other threads, but I believe we can easily detect your patterns of response. After all, we are all creatures of habit. Now where were we? -Ah...You appear to provide a convenient - "one size fits all" approach to solutions -if you will. And that may not be the best practice -especially when communicating with people who may, or may not have the same level of understanding. Not everything is black and white -but yes we do have those phone color choices( ha-ha), and we are dealing with evolving technology, not empirical data. We must be careful and not fall into empiricism and determinism  based thread responses -solely coming from our own "shallow" sensory experiences (in this case), an I-Phone.


    I think if I were a Philosopher, I would align your response to a Nihilistic viewpoint in most, if not all of your thread responses (root word Nihilism ...check it out).

    The final response -I will assume is the ending suggestion "bring your phone to Apple."


    After reading your statements a few times, I feel the most important aspect of any reply is to respond with substance, logic, and courtesy... always courtesy. In this way, you not only focus on a solution, you can also make additional suggestions opening the customers horizons to learn even more, further boosting confidence. Those are the basics of customer service, and it is unfortunate having to introduce unnecessary statements.


    The above information I have already learned in life so that's a freebie you can keep -be sure and share it please?


    Ah yes, now back to my own personal enlightenment lesson...I almost forgot about myself - how silly.


    I think, I read, I learn, and I share... and that's what this forum should offer-agreed.


    So my thought came with a forum question, asking for suggestions.....( And I suppose I got one?)

    I read that my phone CAN be repaired

    I learned that all I need replaced is the following:





    TOTAL COST - $115.00






    PHONE REPLACEMENT FOR $149.00 -total loss of all ALL previous data, and paying more paying than may be necessary all for convenience?  -this weights heavily on the importance of the data needing retrieved/total cost repair option.



    And Lastly... this is what I can Share

    Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.


    Have a nice day!


    -gramattical errors/sentence sructure-flawed. You reading every line -perfect

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    I didn't your entire post but I get the idea, alot of it I do not agree with but lets not get into that.


    Now the solution you have come up with is great to see, as you have done some research yourself but in my opinion it is not the best course of action. Here's why:


    - third party parts are usually(maybe not always) cheap replicas

    - a positive result from third party repairs is never guaranteed

    - if at any time in the future you need a service from Apple you will be denied due to unauthorised repairs

    - unauthorised repairs void the warranty(if you have any left)


    What you decide is up to you but please do keep in mind that this is a user to user forum so your post is open for discussion even though you may not like the response.


    All I can say is

    all the best.gif

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    Thanks Mate!

    I have already replaced the phone and its no longer warranty. Best practice for anyone who has the time is learn how your gadgets work. As I stated before, think, read, ask, share..etc. If I have warranty, I send it in. No warranty, it goes on the table as a cadaver. That's the cool thing about the internet and technology. You can almost resurrect any gadget with a little research.

    Enjoy with a Fosters!

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    After receiving my repair kit in the mail, I followed instructions, gutted the parts and did the rebuild myself. Phone works like new. So for only $90, all is back to normal and I could not be happier!

    OORAH! Gung-HO!

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    You think saving that $60. is worth it, good for you. Now your warranty and support from this forum are void.

    I'd bet you spent over an hour if not more to fixed it. Your hourly rate must be cheap. 

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    Warranty was already expired. The repair time was an investment and I was rather surprised with the turn-around time. Forum support will be always be available regardless. You know that a "warranty" can be voided under implicit terms of service for just about any product you buy on the market today be it auto's, electronics, or home repair. For example, if you drive a Honda, and use any non OEM part -to include oil type, your warranty is technically voided on paper. Use proper judgement with your repair efforts and remember... knowledge is power. Once you warranty expires, you are on your own. After all, we would have never landed on the moon relying on a warranty.

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    over and out.