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I have a Black Apple 32gb Ipod Touch and I seem to have some playback/recording problems. It's completely unable to play any sort of music file, or video file and use any apps that require recording. So for example, when I go to Music/Video app, and click a song or video, it will go to the play screen and it will start to lag like it's loading for a while, and then the play button will turn into a pause icon as if it were playing the file and it would quickly go back to the play icon and nothing will show. So I cannot play any type of music/video file, whether im using earphones, letting the speaker play, or connecting it to a iHome device. Same problem happens for other apps like facetime, voice memos, and video recording in the camera app. It has a long loading time and nothing happens when I press play. The ipod can not play any sound at all, even when I double click the home button for voice command or sound through game apps, I won't hear the sound, and it won't pick up any voice commands when I say something. Whenever I use an app with sound it would lag and not work at all, but other apps like facebook and certain games work fine. It connects to Itunes and charges fine also.It was all working completly fine a month ago. I tried turning it off/on, restoring it, restoring settings, and updated.

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1