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My mac is from mid 2010.  When I receive a notification it pops up on the side (as usual) but when I read it in the notifications bar it will always show four copies of the same notification.  How can I fix this?

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Back up all data.

    If applicable, sign out of iCloud in the iCloud preference pane. Leave the preference pane open.

    Triple-click the line below on this page to select it:

    ~/Library/Application Support/NotificationCenter
    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select


    Services Reveal

    from the contextual menu.* A folder should open with an item selected. Move the selected item to the Desktop, leaving the window open. Log out and log back in.

    Sign back in to iCloud, if you signed out. Test. If there's no change, or if the notifications you expect to see are not shown, sign out of iCloud again and put the folder you moved back where it was, overwriting the one that may have been created in its place. Log out and in again. Otherwise, delete the folder you moved.

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    Hello Linc


    Sorry but this did not work.  I have given you 5 point for at least helping me though.  Thanks

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    Did you log out?

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    Whenever I saw log out I logged out from the computer but did not shut down. Did I have to shut down? 

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    You don't have to shut down.


    Rebuild the Spotlight index. If you try to search now from the magnifying-glass icon in the top right corner of the display, a pulsing dot will appear in the icon. When the dot disappears, the indexing is complete.