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I thought that all my image files are referenced. My general proceedure for important images were to put them into a folder (usually Recent Shots), which is importing them into the Aperture Library. After decided on which to keep, and making any keywording and initial adjustments, I then move them to whichever folder (on an external drive) I want to permanently store them by having Aperture "relocate the masters". To my knowledge I did not leave any photos in the Library file. And using an EXIF filter on all my photos, yields no photos as being "referenced". However, if I go into Finder and open the Aperture Library ("search contents") there are still image files shown.

So the question is why don't these show up as referenced in when I do a filter for that? Would rather not (1) have any managed files and (2) rather not have duplicate files - both on my referenced external drive and the managed library file.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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    In what Finder folder are the image-format files you are finding in your Library package?

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    I am not at my computer now. They should be on an external drive - where I keep all my referenced masters.

    What I saw - when I right clicked on the Aperture Library file and selected "show contents" was some image files in one of the sub folders shown. Again can't explain better til I get back to my own computer.

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    "They" -- the image-format files in the Aperture package -- may not be your Originals.  (Aperture changed the name of "Masters" to "Originals".)


    Post back with the answer re: name of Finder folder.

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    Kirby. They are in a folder called "Masters". From there you go to subfolders by year. From there into various numbered sub-folders.

    But the files I am seeing have very lengthy names (series of numbers) and the size are for the most part very small (under 100 kB). So first I though perhaps these were the Preview or Thumbnail files, but there are not enough of them and as I said they are in the "Masters" folder.

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    Bizarre question - which release of Aperture are you using? Early releases of Aperture kept all thumbs and previews in the same folder with the "Masters/Originals." (I think it was Aperture 2 that relocated all of the Masters to a dedicated file - and produced all the screaming and shouting as it overloaded disks and crashed systems in the process.)


    One technique that I have found usefull when I mess up my Referenced Library is to "Consolidate" back to the Managed Library in the Aperture Package and then "Relocate" out to where I really wanted to keep the "Original/Master."


    Beyond that, I can't help. I do have a "Smart Album" called Managed Finder which I use from time to time to see if any I have goofed up my import and not referenced the "Originals."


    N.B. One technique that works well if you are using an SSD is to import "Managed," that is, into the Aperture Library, do your culling/adjusting/etc. and then "Relocate" the Originals off the SSD. This gives you the very fastest response when doing heavy editing while not overloading the SSD in the long run.


    Good luck!

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    I don't have a newer computer with the SSD, but that was always my proceedure - import into the library, delete the shots I don't like/want, do the adjustments and then move the masters to an external drive.

    But after updating the library recently (which I generally do after the import/move proceedure) I decided to see the contents of the Library file and noticed all these JPEG files.

    I guess I will have to check to make sure that all these image files are actually on my external drive and perhaps have Aperture build a new library and then just get rid of the current one.

    Thanks for trying.

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    Hmm. I am at my computer. Does your Aperture package look like this:


    AP Package.jpg

    And if so:


    ++ Where are the images, and,


    ++ Were they taken as RAW, or JPEG?

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    My Masters/Originals are arranged on a different disk, like this:


    AP Masters.jpg


    If you follow the trail at the bottom of each image, you can see where each is located on the system.

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    This may be slightly more useful. It is the Aperture Library Package, on the boot disk, under Users, showing the trail to some images. But these are deleted images, in the Aperture Trash. As they were in the Trash, they were not/not Relocated with the other Originals/Masters.


    Package with Deletes.jpg


    From the way you describe your workflow, is it possible that you are seeing deleted files that are still in the Aperture Trash?


    Again, I hope this helps you figure out what is going on.

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    What you are showing in the last screenshot is basically where I am seeing these files. But they are not in the Aperture Trash as it has been emptied on multiple occassions since these shots were brought into Aperture AND these shots were not deleted.

    Similar to your Masters/Originals file setup, mine is similar - also on an external disk with the Aperture Library on the main (internal) drive of the iMac.

    I am currently letting Aperture build a new library and will see if these files - in this location - shows up in the same file structure.

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    As they say, beats the stuff out of me. My anamoly was lots of duplicate masters and I was able to solve that by Consolidating Masters and then Relocating. (The actual menu options in Aperture are not always that clear.)


    As long as you haven't actually lost any Masters, I simply wouldn't worry about it. My nightmare is always that I will delete something by accident, one reason that I am so anal about backups.


    Best wishes!

  • léonie Level 10 (90,876 points)



    Just a hunch - inaddition to Kirby's and DiploStrat's suggestions:


    Have you edited some of your images in an external editor? Sometimes saving the edited versions from an external editor may create duplicates, that are lost inside the package.


    I'd repair and rebuild the Aperture library. That will collect all stray images, that are not bound to versions in a "recovered" project. Repairing and Rebuilding Your Aperture Library: Aperture 3 User Manual


    Make sure, your backup is current, before you try to rebuild.