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More specifically, I'd like to be able to trigger samples at the introduction and the outro of each song. Ideally I would like about eight samples queued up in some sort of sampler, That I can engage any time no matter which patch I currently have selected. Is this possible?


As a side note, I have a midi controller with both keys and drum pads. The keys control whichever synth I have selected via the current patch I'm on. Would it be possible to assign the drum pads to trigger the samples globally? So in effect the keys change every time I switch patches but the drum pads are always controlling the same eight samples I have assigned to them?


Thanks so much for your insights!



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    I would do the following:

    1. Drag in some drum pads into the workspace in layout mode or start with one of the templates that has drum pads

    2. Assign the drum pads to the keys you want to trigger sounds with, such as the bottom few keys on your keyboard

    3. Go to concert level and create a channel with the EXS24

    4. Drag in some samples you want played on specific notes in the EXS editor

    5. Map the drum pads to trigger those specific notes