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Hi Folks,


I am trying to download pictures to Lightroom 4 in MacBook Pro and it will work fine if the download is directly from the camera to the MacBook via a USB cable from camera to computer.  However, when I use a USB hub from the camera to hub via USB cable (and then hub to computer), the computer (and Lightroom) does not appear to recognize that there is a source for picture downloads.  Anyone experience similar issues and any solutions (other than continue to use a USB cable between camera and computer directly)?  Thanks much in advance for any thoughts.



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    It the hub self-powered (has a separate power supply)?

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    Yes, it is self powered.  Belkin F5U307.  Searching beforehand revealed there is compatability between this hub and MBP.  Also, it is a 7 port hub, I have two other hubs (not active simultaneously when downloading pics), that are used to connect to iPhone and iPad, and they work fine for all purposes.  I have also tried all of the other hub ports that are not tied up, and they also do not work when it comes to downloading pics from the camera (Canon 5D Mark 2).


    Thanks for your help,