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I just realized some of my photos are not getting transferred to "My Photo Stream" on my iphone (ios6).


It started working when on wifi, but I did some troubleshooting - like turning off/on photostream in settings.  Now again on wifi, things are transfered, but now there are some photos that simply will not transfer.  I know photostream is working, as I can take a new photo, and in seconds, it appears on my photo stream, and on other devices. Is there a way to get these few pics to sync?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    There are a number of options for doing this:


    1. Open the photos one at a time and take a screenshot.  This will add a new low resolution copy of the photo to the camera roll, which will then upload to your photo stream;
    2. Email the photos a few at a time to yourself, then save the attached photos to your camera roll.  This will add a copy of the photo at full resolution to your camera roll and upload to photo stream;
    3. Use an app like PhotoSync, which will allow you to wirelessly transfer copies of them to your computer.  Then delete these photos from your camera roll and use PhotoSync to transfer them back from your computer to your camera roll.  These will be the original resolution and will upload to your photo stream.  (You need an app like this because iTunes will not transfer photos back to your camera roll, where they must be in order to add to your photo stream.)
    4. Create a shared photo stream that includes the missing photos and invite yourself as a subscriber (see http://help.apple.com/icloud/#mmc0cd7e99).