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I live in a hot environment (the coolest it gets during the daytime is about 81°F, inside) and I have a MBA. Its fan literally never stops running unless it's off, and it has been overheating (I think) from pushing it too hard and runnning it too hot.


I'd like to change that, and my first thought was getting a cooling pad for it, but I know some of them work well and some don't, and the MBA has it's vents on the back, and cooling pads work best for laptops with their vents on the bottom.


That said, what are suggestions for either a) a great cooling pad that works well on the Air, or b) any alternatives?


I use this for drawing art, streaming live video, and producing music, usually with programs for 2 outta 3 of those running simultaneously, and I don't exactly have the money to buy, say, a Pro.


Oh and it runs hard regardless of whether I'm on Windows or OS X, just to clarify.

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2012), Windows 7