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I have an iMac Core Duo 2GHz (yes, first Intel iMac). I have Snow Leopard v10.6.8 (latest/last MacOS version I could load) with the most recent Security Update (2013-003).


I have two issues with Front Row:

• Some of the movie files will not show the images, but I can hear the audio.

• On other movies and TV shows they start fine, but within a few minutes the audio is out of sync with the images, running about 3-5 seconds ahead... Looks like a bad dub of a Japanese movie from the 60s.


Now, I know it's related to Front Row, because when I jump over to iTunes and start the same movie or TV show it begins where I left off in Front Row, but images are fine and audio is suddenly in-sync.


However, with Snow Leopard being 2 major upgrades back - 3 if you count the upcoming Mavericks release - I doubt this registers as a "brouhaha" on Apple's radar screens. Then, again, maybe the spirit of Steve won't tolerate this Microsoft-like quirk, even if my iMac is still chugging along after 7 years and multiple MacOS X upgrades & updates...

20" iMac 2GHz Core-Duo, Mac OS X (10.5), WD 500GB HD .Mac backup/WD 750GB Time Machine/Lacie 40GB ext. 2.