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I have sold my MacMini, but don't have the installer discs.

Before I send it to the buyer I want to clean out all my personal my files, and I'll have to do it 'manually'.

Normal files in Documents, iTunes, iPhoto etc are easy.

I'll clean the history and bookmarks in Safari and Mail.

I'll deinstall any programs I've bought, like Photoshop, Microsoft Office.


But what about hidden stuff. Is there information in the Library, or are there KeyChain items that should be erased?

I'm not so worried about licenses, I'm thinking more about personal information - bank accounts, paypal, log-in numbers and passwords etc..


What must I remember not to forget?!

thanks in advance



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    When I sold my MBP 13" I simply created a user account named "Seller" and then deleted my old account along with all the associated files. Any logins or passwords I used were in my browser profiles and my keychains were erased with my old account.

    Sure, there are "ghosts" of info that can be extracted, but unless you're selling your Mini to the C.I.A., they're going to be pretty hard to get to, and the new owner will most likely begin putting files on that will overwrite the empty space almost immediately anyway, so they'll be even more inaccessible.

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    In reality, you actually never "wiped" the files from the

    drive.  Deleting or trashing them only removes their

    locations on the drive from a table.  Anyone with a little

    saavy can purchase a file recovery program and will be able

    to recover almost all that data and with enough time know

    what it all is.


    The ONLY way you should sell your computer to a stranger is

    to completely reformat the drive and in the options select a

    single pass of writing zeroes to the drive.  This will effectively

    reset all the bits on the drive to zero.  This will be sufficient

    unless your giving drive to some CSI with expensive disk scanning

    equipment.  After that, reinstall the OS that came with the computer

    and set up a bogus user.