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Hi Apple Angels


Today was a bad day! Not only did i board the wrong train but upon my arrival i notice that my laptop has been pinched!


After a good hour of crying here i  am trying to pick up the pieces!

Tomorrow i find out if the company i work for has insured my mac + fcp software as it is a work laptop! Assuming that they haven't is there anyway i can install my old copy of FCP on the new laptop that i will probably that to fork out for?


I assume i need a new serial number? Any idea how i get one? I have a crime reference number and CCTV proof that the laptop has in fact been stolen


Everytime i look at apple support there doesn't seem to be a softwear contact?


Any help appreciated - new laptop is going to cost a small fortune so salvaging the software might just take the edge off!!



Thank you


Leni :,(

Final Cut Pro 7
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    Final Cut Pro 7 will install under Mountain Lion and should run without real issues. You can use your original serial number.



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    If your employer purchased the computer and software, then it is up to them to insure it. If you purchased it then it is your responsibility to insure it. Otherwise, it is uninsured.


    As for software the serial number is on the box in which it came unless you downloaded it from the App Store. In this case it is tied to the Apple ID that purchased it and can be re-downloaded free of charge.

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    Thank you both for tour speedy reply!


    Yes, true! The kit does belong to my client, doesn't put me in the good books tho right!! Even tho it was stolen!


    Weirdly the computer belongs to them but i registered the software personally! Sorry to sound thick but if what you're saying is true - what's stopping me from installing fcp on 10 computers??


    I'm a bit worried that if i buy a new laptop and try and install it it'll think i'm trying to share the software illegally


    Thanks again both

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    If you own the software, then your rights are defined by the software license that accompanied the product. If you bought it from the Mac App Store, then you have the right to install it on all the computers that you own unless that product has specific limitations to this proviso.


    If you purchased a boxed set with DVD, then the software license limits you to installing only on one CPU at a time. You cannot install and use the software on multiple computers.


    This does not matter who actually registered the software. It's who paid for the software that will matter. If your employer paid for the software but you registered the software in your own name, then you committed misrepresentation. If you permit others to use the software or sell the software and receive benefits then you have committed fraud. Where it goes is then up to your employer. If the software should have been registered in their name, then you should modify the registration you filed with Apple or at least inform your employer of the "mistake."

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    Thanks kappy


    Fcp 7 was bought as a dvs box set and yes i can see the serial number! On the box!!

    If / when the company decides to purchase another laptop can i simply install as per the first time around?


    Omg no! The laptop and software is used to create content ONLY for the client who issued me with the laptop - i have it ONLY for that job and ONLY for that purpose and i am the ONLY one using it!


    Thanks again

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    Oh please don't be annoyed!


    I just had my laptop stolen and am trying to do some damage control! You've been really helpful it's just i'm a bit clueless as you can tell!


    L x

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    Fcp 7 was bought as a dvs box set and yes i can see the serial number! On the box!!

    If / when the company decides to purchase another laptop can i simply install as per the first time around?




    If your employer provides you with another computer, just install the software onto that computer. Continue using it as you have: for the client's benefit. The software only belongs to your employer if they purchased it or provided it for the job. Your employment contract would stipulate if you are required to return the software once the job is completed.


    If you aren't really sure of your legal status then you should consult with a lawyer. I am not an attorney, so I cannot give you any legal opinions.

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    I had to post that because your post did not show up here. I had to make the . post to force it to show. Sorry if I upset you. Didn't mean it.