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Hi. I bought my macbook pro in November 2011 at Incredible Connections in Johannesburg, South Africa, by 2013 march it had already started mulfunctioning, a grey screen had started showing up at startup, it started off with freezing while i was using it and at reboot the grey screen would show up and i couldn't continue working any furthure. I then took it to the istore whom were able to assist me at first and second.


It continued greying out and i was then send to the Core Group, the Apple technicians in Johannesburg. I was informed to come back within 48hours, I Called inthe 3rd day and i was told that the machine is undergoing physical tests, on the 4th day I went and my machine was given back to me, i was told that the machine is fine and I just need to run updates, but when I switched it on the grey screen persisted, it's almost as though the machine was never tested because the technician said he called me for passwords but he couldn't get hold of me, but the passwords were written on the job ticket, the ladies working there even showed him where I had written it.


I then asked him to double check the machine and before any sort of thourough inspection, he said the problem is the logik board, he went to the back of the ofice for 20 minutes, came back and said yes, it is the logik board, I then gave him my other machine to use the hardrive to check whether it responds or not, he said it doesn't respond and hence left the hardrive from the faulty machine in the working machine so I may access the data.


I was then given a quote that cost 1 third of the price I paid when I bought the machine. I use the machine for work and I really can't afford to pay so much money for a machine I literally owened for 1 and half a year, it is practically new and when I bought it knowing that it is quality and it will outlive any other machine inthe market. I am a huge fan of Apple Computers and have been for over 10years but I am dissappointed, I am disappointed because no one hears us out, a great product has been created and there is no other product inthe market that can match the kind of convenience that Apple has created but now it is starting to function away from it's core promise. We promised people something different inthe market but we are becoming more and more like these other brands, only more expensive.


I mean I saw all those posts about these faulty logik boards and even saw the class action filed against for defective logik boards but right now we are asking you guys to hear us out and point us to the right direction. We really enjoy your products and would like to continue so, but you are losing us. Please assist somehow. Hoping to hear from Apple About this issue, thank you.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)