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Can't I just highlight a chapter heading and make it a TOC heading?


And would it kill you to post a video or some pictures to illustrate how to do this? 


If a person is unfamiliar with the Mac toolbar, it is next to impossible to find stuff on it. 

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    By "you" I assume you mean Apple. We are not Apple, we are fellow users.


    1. Create Styles in Menu > View > Show Styles Drawer


    2. Apply them to Chapter Heads, Headings etc


    3. Click wherever you want the T.O.C. preferably at the beginning of the document (it scans to the back)


    4. Menu > Insert > T.O.C. > select which styles you want listed


    If you take a little time to browse the Menus, Inspectors and Toolbar you will find Apple has laid them out very logically from the overall (File/Document) progessively down to the finer details working left to right.


    The Pages09_UserGuide.pdf is available for download from under the Help menu, where there is also a link to Apple's video tutorials.



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    Thanks, Peter, and being the newbie, I thought I was addressing those who created the problem.

    I am disappointed in the support Apple provides, but am grateful for helpful advice from fellow users.

    I'll follow your instructions tomorrow and see if I have better luck. 


    In choosing the header and highlighting the chapter titles it did not seem to do anything when I hit "update table."  I tried it repeatedly. Similarly, since it was not accepting these entries, no table was (apparently) being built.



    Question: if one selects the title of a chapter 2 for example, how do I express it so that it becomes synched with the TOC?


    Thanks again for the help.


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    Hi Greg,


    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.


    Inspector > Document > TOC


    Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 2.02.32 PM.png


    You can find the styles in Menu > View > Show Styles Drawer.


    Here is a TOC (blue outline shows it is selected) from Chapter titles in Heading 1 Style:


    Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 2.05.55 PM.png


    Note that the TOC is at the top of the document.


    Note that I added Chapter 3 after creating the TOC. Select the TOC to update.




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    Thanks, Ian!

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    You are welcome!


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    I just create the document, and then create a seperate table of contents. It's easier that way; for me.

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    Seems you ignored both the Styles Drawer instructions and the selection of which applied styles you wanted to be part of the TOC.


    So naturally nothing happened.