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Today I got a warning that I had only 20% of cellular data usage available at less than halfway through the billing period. (AT&T)


1)  I have not used cellular data (3G) in weeks, connecting since then only via wireless in my house.


2)  However, I just checked and I did leave the Cellular Data (in Settings) switched to ON. 


My question:  Is it possible that some data use was occuring over cellular, even though I was connected via wireless?


Follow-up: Is there any way I can access daily/hourly data usage by connection type?



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    Overnight or while your iPad is dormant (but powered on), while not actively using WiFi, it may use cellular data.


    I'm pretty sure Apple does not supply a way to access daily or hourly use by connection type, short of looking yourself every hour and tabulating the results.  But your cellular provider may well provide a detailed log of when you accessed their data and how much.

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    Thanks!  I guess the question is, what changed?  I haven't altered my iPad usage (original iPad purchased brand new when it was released) at all.  So if anyone knows how I might begin to troubleshoot what has caused the sudden jump in "sleeping" data usage, I'm all ears.


    Also, will turning off Cellular Data in settings prevent all data usage?

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    This article explains some of the big cellular data consumers:



    Yes, turning off cellular data in settings (or turning off your iPad) will prevent usage.

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    Thanks, again.