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I have been using 2TB Time Capsule as wireless hotspot and for Time Machine for about one year but all of a sudden it stopped doing backups. When trying to do a backup Time Machine said it couldn't find a disk to make the backup.



Airpot Utility is still able to see my time capsule:




However when trying to configure it using the utility first it spends some time at this point:





And after 2 or 3 minutes I get this error message:




Things I have tried with the same results:


- Setting my network preferences to change the "Configure IPV6" value on TCP/IP advanced setting to "link-local only" as suggested by a post I read but no luck.

- Also tried doing a hard reset of the device by pressing the reset button with a pen for 5 seconds until the led blinked fast. But I get the same error when using the Airport Utility.

-I even tried doing a factory-reset by unplugging the Time Capsule from power, pressing the reset button with a pen, plugging back the power and waited until the LED blinked fast. But I got the same error message when trying to configure with the Airpot Utility.


There are a few occasions (about 10% of my tries) where I am able to get one step further: I get to the point where it asks me for a password and for a name for the Time Capsule, however when clicking next it seems that it starts to configure some things and I even get internet access via the Time Capsule, however the Airport Utility shows the same unexpected error message after a few minutes. In this scenario Time Capsule works fine as access point, but it the disk still shows as unavailable for backups. I haven't found what conditions make me be able to get to this single further step. It seems to be related to the hard-reset. But it is confusing because most of the times I do the hard-reset procedure it doesn't allow me getting to the password and name setting step. 90% of the tries get stuck in the previous step.


Any thoughts about how to solve this problem? I am worries about not been able to backup my Mac. By the way, my Mac is a MabBook Pro running Mountain Lion.

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