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My company just bought me a new ACER B276HUL monitor. It's really nice (excerpt for the builtin speakers - they stink). My windows co-workers can run their monitors at the full native resolution (2560x1440). To do this they have to use the display port. Turns out that HDMI and DVI both max out at 1920x1xx0. So - I went and bought a Altaz mini-displayport to displayport adaptor to use with my MBA 13" (Mid 2012). If I try to drive the monitor at full resolution, the only thing that happens is that I get 1/5 of the screen filled with what looks like out of sync video. If I drop it down to 2048x1152 resolution, then I can see everything (but it's scaled).


I thought that might have been an issue with the Altaz adaptor so I tried a QVS adaptor. I got the same result from that experiment.


Had anyone been able to use one of these monitors? The Preferences panel for this monitor doesn't let me change the refresh rate. Is there some other way to try to tweak that to see if I can get the OS to sync the full res video?



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 13" MBA
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    So - I have a 2010 MBA 11" that's running Mavericks DP, and the monitor works fine with this setup.


    I'm starting to think that this monitor is too new for 10.8.4 and that some sort of driver needs updating. I'll probably try upgrading my 13" MBA to Mavericks to see if this fixes the problem.

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    I just bought the Acer B276HUL, too, and have the identical problem that you described on 8/28. I use a MBA 13" mid-2013. I am running 10.8.5. I have a DP-to-miniDP cable and it won't allow setting on the highest resolution.


    Q: Did you find a way to eliminate the 1/5 screen display problem at the highest resolution setting with your MBA?

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    Problem seems to be solved by the following:


    1) Used third-party miniDisplayPort-to-DisplayPort cable; plugged DisplayPort end into monitor

    2) Restarted MBA in "Safe" mode (hold Shift key upon MBA start up)

    3) Go to Displays in System Preferences

    4) Higher resolution 2560x1440 can now be enabled with normal, non-flickering or altered viewing

    5) Restart MBA normally

    6) Display retains 2560x1440 display settings

    7) Note: Also works connected to Belkin Thunderbolt Hub as well as directly connected to MBA Thunderbolt port

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    Thank you so much! This worked perfectly.

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    i also have this monitor and am running at the full resolution (2560x1440) through a mini displayport to displayport cable from my macbook air 2013, but i have a huge black border around my display -- the screen doesn't actually use the full screen completely and there is no option to do an underscan or overscan, and the monitor doesn't allow me to stretch it full (have the setting on widescreen mode: full).


    anyone else running into this?

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    Thank you so incredibly much for this solution. I already went back to the store to change the monitor, the new one had the same problem...

    Booting in Safe Mode is the only solution. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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    I have a brand new 2 pound MacBook with the USB-C to HDMI adapter, and this Acer monitor doesn't work well with it. I can get the full 2560x1440 resolution, and it looks great, but every 5 seconds to 2 minutes or so the screen turns all green, goes blank, then resets. I tried a second identical display - new out of the box, same thing. Even changing the resolution down to 1080p doesn't help. But plugging into an HP 23" display with HDMI works fine. I'm using a standard HDMI cable as attempts to go from HDMI to Displayport or HDMI to DVI don't seem to work (I think most adapters are intended to have DisplayPort or DVI on the computer side and HDMI on the display side, and this setup is opposite.