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After checking many sources and also discussions here -- this is one article that pretty much sums up the best way to make your iPad battery last the longest!


It basically comes down to JUST ONE THING (mainly) -- and that is simply REDUCING YOUR CHARGE CYCLE COUNT! And how do you do that? Well, very simply KEEP IT PLUGGED IN as much as possible. And then, doing what Apple says by doing just one full discharge - once a month.


There are about 1000 charge cycles available for the iPad, at which point you should have 80% of the battery life left. SO ... Anything you do to slow down getting to that 1000 charge cycles, makes your iPad battery last longer. Keeping it plugged in "all the time" (or, as much as possible - since it is a portable object) slows down the process of getting to that "lessening of battery capacity". It's simply all about "charge cycles" - which then translates into "reduced battery capacity".


Here's an article to pay close attention to:


Best Practices for iPad Battery Charging

http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/best-practices-for-ipad-batte ry-charging/

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