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Need your help with something I don´t understand: we try to set up a new hotmail account in Mail (we have used both Preference Panel and directly in Mail) but it never recieves the Inbox. I can send but don´t see anything in Inbox.


I looked into User/Library/Mail/V2/accountname/INBOX.mbox/ and the folder with the xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx name structure is never created.


I tried to set up another hotmail account and it works ok, only this specific account fails.


I Used a Permissions repair, didn't worked. Erased all data in V2, again not worked. Tried to "cheat" Mail setting up another hotmail account and then changing info to the specific account failing, not luck. Also reset sync services (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1627?viewlocale=es_ES), still not work. Rebuild inside Mail also didn´t worked. Any idea to get this account working?


BTW, sorry for my bad english...

Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Quit Mail. Force quit if necessary.


    Back up all data. That means you know you can restore the Mail database, no matter what happens.


    Triple-click the line below on this page to select it:

    ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData/Envelope Index


    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C). In the Finder, select


    Go â–¹ Go to Folder


    from the menu bar. Paste into the box that opens (command-V), then press return.


    A Finder window will open with a file selected. Move the selected file to the Desktop, leaving the window open. Other files in the folder may have names that begin with "Envelope Index". Move those files, if any, to the Trash.


    Log out and log back in. Relaunch Mail. It should prompt you to re-import your messages. You may get a warning that the index is damaged and that Mail has to quit. Click OK.


    Test. If Mail now works as expected, you can delete the file you moved to the Desktop. Otherwise, post your results.

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    Thanks for your suggestion, sadly, it didn't worked. But i looked into Console and found:


    29/08/13 18:59:11,258 Mail: -[POP3Connection fetchMessages:totalBytes:] failed: Error Domain=MFMessageErrorDomain Code=1033 "" UserInfo=0x7f8f4c24dfa0 {NSLocalizedDescription=}


    So, that was the problem: got into outlook.com, moved the older mails to a new folder and Mail started to work normally. Until now it's downloading messages (2045 mails) but I hope that´s all.


    Thanks a lot for your help.