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I am a professional photographer and I have a bunch of training video's that I want to put on my 128gb iPad.


These are 64 video's in a folder called Lighting setups. 28 Video's in a folder called Makeup, 12 Video's in a folder called assignments, etc.


Now when I sync these across using iTunes all the video's are jumbled up on the iPad.

Not only can I not see the whole title of the video but video's from all folders are arranged randomly? I'm going NUTS!



How can I put these on the iPad using the folder structure they are in on the Mac? Or in any sort of a coherent way?


All I'm seeing on the iPad are video options for Movies, TV shows, and Music video's????


What about real work?



Thanks for helping out.

iPad, iOS 5.1.1
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    Short Answer:  You can't.


    Long answer:


    If you sync the videos they end up in the Videos App with no way to sort them as you can see.



    If you need to sort them by folders and have a more manageable structure you will need to use a 3rd Party video Player.


    I Use Moli Player HD. It can manage many types of video files, and can create and organize folders for your videos.


    It can also be used with iTunes File Sharing Feature to move the videos into the App easily.


    Moli Player



    iOS: About File Sharing


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    You can tag these files using something like -> MetaZ

    Set them up as TV shows.

    The series title would be Gold333 Photo Training (or whatever)

    Each season would be the diffferent folder.

    Season 1 - Lighting Setups (with 64 "episodes)

    Season 2 - Makeup. (28 "epsisodes")

    Season 3 - Assignments (12 "episodes)



    MetaZ lets you add all the fields (description, titles, actors, other sundry info) and number them so everything is in the correct order.

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    Sigh... Thanks.


    So I have to spend even more money.


    Well I'd love to be pop & mom who do nothing other than sit at home and watch movies, tv shows and music videos all day.


    I just wish Apple had taken into account real people who do more than watch tv and movies all day.


    Going by my experience there is actually a negative innovation in this $1000 product, it's made just for movie and tv show consumption and nothing else. I'll be returning this and trying to find something I can actually earn money with .

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    You can tag them in iTunes.

    Right click on the video in iTunes-select get info.

    Change them to tv show, put the info in.

    You can use third party free tools, video monkey or identify.

    Why would you have to spend more money?

    Why is it the iPads fault you didn't tag them to begin with?

    Sounds like you don't know what you are doing.

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    I have 15 folders on a variety of subjects ranging from lighting, makeup to posing with around 40 videos average in each.


    That's why I got the 128gb iPad.


    You seriously expect me to meta tag 600 videos?


    When they are in clear cut folders on the Mac to begin with?


    Do you still not think I know what I'm doing? I'd love for you to tell me what I am doing wrong Johnathan.


    Something tells me iPads are not made for people who earn money creating. Just sitting on a couch watching stuff.


    This simple example tells me that. An iPad is just to watch tv shows on and that's it.

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    Gold333 wrote:


    Sigh... Thanks.


    So I have to spend even more money.


    MetaX & Audacity are free.

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    So I have to go and tag a subset of 600 videos when they were all in correct folders on the Mac to begin with?


    Face it, an iPad is made for people who download 4 movies and 2 tv shows onto it. It's easier to choose out of 6 than 600.


    And that while it holds 128gb worth of files.


    I'd assume that's 60 movies sorted alphabetically and nothing else that actually has a structure.



    Then again it's like trying to remember a picture that a client wanted (out of 30), you have to physically take a picture of the iPad screen with an iPhone to mark the picture as the iPad does not allow you to mark a picture a client likes in any other way. Apart from maybe tracing it over using tracing paper and a pencil off the screen.



    PS: Thanks for the help,... I am just ranting.


    I appreciate that there may be a paid app somewhere that solves "this" problem I am having. But there's nothing to tell me I'll need to pay more for every other  limitation I come across. Something tells me I should just try to find a system that has more bandwidth or latitute in use than this 128gb iPad. Because to be honest, storing 6 videos in 3 groups isn't exactly something I'd call supercomputing.

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    Actually Moli Player is Free. so no spending necessarry.


    Its easy to use. 




    With that said, Apple has never touted the iPad as a super productivity device, its a media consumption device plain and simple.


    Are their ways to get it to do other things sure, but its not something the iPad pretends to be.


    I would consider why you went with a tablet rather than a super portable laptop instead if you need full file management capabilites?


    Where exactly did you read that the iPad was capable of doing this out of the box?

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    I use Photo Manager Pro for the kind of work you want to do. Nice App.  You can create folders, actually change and how the file name, sort, etc.  You can import from the Camera Roll or any other album, or direclty into the app from your computer.  It doesn't cost much at all. 


    The iPad CAN indeed be used for productive work, but as with other computers sometime you need to install additional software. The apps for iPad are priced very, very reasonably--when not free!.  If you want to be productive, then take a look at the apps that can do that for videos. Why would productivity necessarifly mean fast and cheap and on the front end of a project?


    There are still some things that my iPad mini isn't really suited to, but they're increasingly few and far between. You do have to accept that it doesn't handle file management like either its Mac cousins or Windows.