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A chart in Numbers is causing Numbers to slow down & stutter when it is seleced or edited.  The memory is eventually depleted and Numbers crashes.  I'm using Numbers 2008 1.0.3.  This chart is pulling info from formulas in a large table.  That table is pulling infor from several smaller charts.  This is odd to me and it is the first time I have had this problem.  I have restart Numbers & the MBP.  In both cases, the memnory is returned the same & I restart.  The file is fine for a good while unless I start messing with that chart.  Then, the free memory excellerates it's disappearing act & Numbers crashes.  I will pay closer attention to the wired, active, & inactive.  I use iStat to follow this stuff.  What could be causing the memory disappearing act & the crashing?  It's just a chart.  I did see other posting about memory loss for Numbers 2009, but nothing within a year or that really addressed my issue.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 2.53 GHz i5; 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
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    try reducing the number of points in the chart.  Numbers is not a great tool for multi 1000 point charts.  Also consider updating to take advantage of newer features and OS upgrades.

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    There are only 4 lines with 50 points or less in each line.  Maybe my definition of large isn't so large.

    I didn't upgrade to Numbers 2009, because it came out so quick that I thought it wouldn't have many changes & I thought another update would come out.  I have been waiting for the next update ... and waiting.  I'm surprised it has taken this long & am guessing that another should be out any time, now.  It has been 5 years and Numbers is missing some seemingly simple features like scatter plots & linear equations.

    What would b the advantage of upgrading to Numbers 2009 that would be worth it & how would it eliminate this glitching and crashing?