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I want to sync my contacts to Gmail, but iTunes tells me that I'm already syncing via the cloud, which is impossible because my Gmail account says I have alot more contacts than my phone does. So my question is, how do i sync manually without creating duplicates. Thanks

iPhone 4S
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    Hi Lancer9tn8ty,


    If you are having issues syncing your iPhone contacts to Gmail, you may find the following article helpful:


    iOS: Syncing with Google Contacts




    - Brenden

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    Im sorry, I left out one important detail:


    I went through that a long time ago. My phone has actually synced with google before, it just refuses to do it automatically. So what I was trying to ask: is there a way to manually sync my contact to google..There are two things i suspect might be causing the problem but I dont know how to correct these issues:


    1) I have multiple Gmail accounts linked to my phone so maybe there is a priority issue.

    2) The cloud is taking priority over gmail, because when i check my iCloud it has all my contacts there.



    So, if i just needed a backup somewhere of my contacts in case i lost/replaced my iPhone then the cloud would be just fine. However, I need them backed up in google because Im switching to a Windows phone, and google seems to be the best contact backup to use across multiple branded devices. Everyone loves Google.


    An update to my situation:

    Windows app store had an app that uses bluetooth to retrieve all my contacts from my iPhone. It worked wonderfully. So any insight from here on out will only benefit others with this problem that happen to read this discussion, because my issue has been resolved. Thanks for your intended help nonetheless.