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my songs used to play on my ipod but last week, the songs would just skip to one song after another and i then noticed it was only the songs i have purchased from itunes store. all my other music plays just fine.

the songs do play on my computer with itunes. i have deleted the songs and replaced them and still get the same problem.

any ideas here how to fix this? this pretty much makes all the songs i have bought a waste of money.



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    Go through the steps in this article:

    Post back if you're still having problems.

    Best wishes,
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    hi there,

    thanks for the quick reply. i have updated and restored but still having the same problems.

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    Had the same problem. Linked to the article shown to Deauthorize Computer. So far so good...purchased songs are playing on my iPod and not skipping.

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    Go through the entire article... Deauthorize (Advanced > Deauthorize Computer) and Reauthorize (play a purchased song and put your password in) your computer, and then reconnect your iPod to update it. Also try to recreate your iTunes library, and update your iPod again. There's a link for those instructions in the article in my last post.

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    the deauthorize didnt work and neither did the recreate library but now i have a new issue, after recreating library, i lost all my play lists and alot of my audios i had on here. how do i get this backup without having to spend several hundred hours putting this back on?


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    When you opened the instructions on how to recreate the iTunes library, there's a link in that article on how to backup your playlists, so you don't have to recreate them. If you didn't do that before recreating your library, I'm not sure there's anything you can do that this point, other than just creating them manually again.

    Anyway, here's more information on the purchased music not playing:

    1. Put the iPod into disk mode:
    2. Connect it to your computer, and open MyComputer
    3. Open the drive representing the iPod
    4. Navigate to iPod_Control > iTunes
    5. Find a file named iEKInfo
    6. Make a copy of it and store it on your desktop
    7. Find a file named iTunesDB
    8. Make a copy of it and store it on your desktop, as well

    1. Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts
    2. Create a new, administrative user account on your computer
    3. Log out of your current account, and into your new one
    4. Restore the iPod on the new account:
    5. When you're setting up the iPod in iTunes, remove the checkmark from "automatically update all songs and playlists"
    6. Download the free single of the week from the iTunes Music Store (the link is on the lowest left hand corner of the music store's home page)
    7. Make sure this file plays in your iTunes library
    8. Drag it over to your iPod in the source list
    9. Click on the eject button after the song updates (it's to the right of the iPod in the source lists, it's a triangle with a line underneath it)
    10. Disconnect the iPod, and try to play the song.

    If the song plays, do this:
    1. Log out of the new user and log into the older one. Make sure you're clicking "log off" and not "switch user" or your iTunes will not work.
    2. Reconnect your iPod to the computer, and drag some of the older purchased music that would not play on the iPod to the iPod.
    3. Eject your iPod again, and try to play your purchased music. Also check to see if the free single still plays.

    Post back if you're still have problems, or if you have any questions along the way.
    Best wishes,
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    to update, i did figure out how to get my library back in order but still have the skipping problem
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    Well that's a good thing... Try the instructions in the above post, to get your purchased music playing again.
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    that did the trick, thanks for all your help. im curious, what exactly was the cause of this and why did this work.

    fyi... after it worked, i went back to my computer and restored the settings NOT thinking it wouldnt do anything but i was wrong, it skipped again so i had to redo this all over again adn this time, i kept it in place.

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    It's no trouble at all, I'm glad everything's working for you... I'm not sure exactly what causes this. Since creating a different user account usually does the trick, I would guess that it's something to do with either the computer itself, or with the transfer of the files from the computer to the iPod.